A blog has to start somewhere. Mine started on my About Me page so that that might be where you want to start too.


Finding my own creative voice

Retiring was easier than I thought it would be, especially once I realized I was neglecting necessary personal projects in favour of modestly paid creative work for other people. I’m lucky that I can honestly say that with a couple of minor exceptions, I truly adore the clients


“Omigod I’m dying” + Ativan

Last night as I was falling asleep I had the “Omigod I’m dying” panic attack. I’d already taken two Ativan so maybe that’s why I was able to take a deep breath and tell myself, “well not right this second you’re not. And probably not tomorrow either so you better go to sleep so you have enough energy to clean the house in the morning.”


Meditation on short term goals

With the wedding less than one month away, and most of the difficult planning and organizing complete, I don’t have too much to worry about. I finally got my wedding dress back from the tailor, and it looks beautiful and fits marvelously.


In the Garden

This is the second year of my garden. I feel like I’m still getting to know it.  Still figuring out where the deep shade is, where the dappled sunlight filters through enough to allow some “partial sun” plants to thrive, which parts need more water and which need less.



17988961042_7c7e3a3a24_mThe entire time I was recovering from the treatment side effects of head and neck radiation I was obsessed with cooking shows. It might have had more than a little to do with the fact that I was getting all my food in liquid form through my PEG tube / Feeding tube.

Anyway, I was especially obsessed with cooking competitions, and without fail, one of the key tests of competency is how well a chef can handle an egg. As a result, one of my early cravings was for a perfect soft boiled egg.



When Dr. Woo told us that my cancer had spread to my liver and there is no curative treatment and limited survival time, I guess I went into shock, but my first words were, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Because my first thought was of Greg and what a shitty cunty move it was to ask him to marry me and then up and die on him a few months after the wedding.